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Tontine Wines has grown rapidly since its inception in 2001. It has been the leading sweet wines producer in the PRC in terms of volume for eight consecutive years since 2008 and is also one of the Top 10 PRC Grape Wine Industry Brands. It was ranked among “Top 100 Chinese Wine Manufacturers 2016”. The Group sells wine products in two main categories – sweet wines and dry wines under the “Tongtian”, “Tongtian Hong” and “TONTINE” labels. The Group gets its grape supply from the Tonghua Ji’An region, a major mountain grape producing area in the PRC and one of the few regions worldwide where mountain grapes can be cultivated. Its Tonghua Mountain Grape Wine Cultural and Technological Park is an approved national 4A-level scenic area.

The Group’s products continued to win broad market acceptance and recognition. In November 2016, the Group’s “Xuanniya Ice White Grape Wine” won the gold medal again in the “Grape Wine Quality Competition in International Leading Wine Regions”. Besides, the Group continues to pour in resources in research and development of new products. The Group won the “Second Prize of the Innovative Achievements of the 23rd National Enterprise Management Modernization” in December. Our group was ranked among “Top 100 Chinese Wine Manufacturers 2016”, reflecting the recognition from the market and our industry peers of our efforts in growing our business for more than 10 years. The Group’s non wholly-owned subsidiary, Yantai Baiyanghe Winery Co., Ltd., produces and sells more than 100 types of winery products, covering a variety of grape wines and brandies, including high quality imported grape wines from France (e.g. “Cordes,” “Falyia,” etc.). Through a sales network comprising more than 129 distributors, the Group sells its products in 21 provinces, 3 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities in the PRC. Under the leadership of its experienced management team, Tontine Wines is dedicated to becoming a sweet wine expert in the PRC.