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We offer a range of grape wine products, including sweet wine and dry wine, sold under the "Tongtian" (「通天」), "Tongtian Hong" (「通天紅」) and "TONTINE" labels. Our product range comprises different grape wine products with different flavours and styles.

Sweet Wines
Sweet wine refers to a type of wine which has 45gm or more of sugar residue per litre. Our sweet wines are produced from grapes which are grown and harvested at normal temperatures and made with the mountain grape varieties unique to the Tonghua area in Jilin Province, the PRC.

Dry Wines
Our dry wines are mainly produced from the mountain grape varieties grown in the Tonghua area in Jilin Province, the PRC. Our dry wine is made with a sugar content of less than 4gm per litre.

Our brandy is produced from the special mountain grapes grown in the Yalu River Valley area. The brandy is aged in oak barrels. With 38% to 40% alcohol by volume, our brandy is sold under the “Xuanniya” brand.

White Wines
Unique Changbai Mountain grapes are used to produce Yaaru White Wine, which is distilled in pot stills to preserve the fruity fragrance. It is available in 500ml size, with a 52% alcohol content, which is the highest among all the products of the Company.

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