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12 Mar 2024 Representatives of Taiwanese enterprises visited Tontine Wines Group's Tonghua headquarter
06 Mar 2024 The results of the "7th National Wine and Fruit Wine Appraisal Conference" organized by the China Food Industry Association were announced, and 101 national judges and 41 national invited judges were appointed, among which three employees of Tongtine Wines Group, Ms. Xia Jinling, Mr. Wang Junyao and Mr. Li Wei, were hired as national invited judges.
21 Dec 2023 Tontine Wines was recognized as the "National Green Food (Wine) Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industry Integration Development Park"
09 Dec 2023 The 8th China International Fine Wine & Spirits Challenge – Tontine Wines won three golds and two silvers, and the awards include: 1 "Tongtian Red Blueberry Mountain Wine" won the Gold Medal Blueberry Award, 2 "Tongtian Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine" won the Gold Medal Dry Red Wine, 3 "Tongtian Snow Rhyme Mountain Wine" won the gold medal sweet red wine, 4 "Tongtian Autumn Rhyme Mountain Wine" won the silver medal sweet red wine, 5 "Tongtian Original Puree Mountain Wine" won the Silver Award for sweet red wine and the top ten best value for money
09 Dec 2023 The 7th "China Tonghua" Mountain Wine Region Summit and 2023 Yalu River Valley Ice Wine Festival
07 Sep 2023 Tontine Wines and Jilin Tonghua City Supply and Marketing Co-Op established a new subsidiary, " Yalu River Valley Supply and Marketing (Jilin) Co., Ltd. "
18 Aug 2023 The 22nd China Changchun (International) Agriculture and Food Expo and Fair and the 14th China-Northeast Asia Expo
17 Jun 2023 China Specialty Food Industry Summit – "Yaaru White Distilled Spirit", "Tongtian Red Ice Wine" and "Tongtian Wanshan Wine" produced by Tontine Wines were recognized as landmark food products with Chinese characteristic, and Mr. Wang Jun was recognized as the inheritor of food skills with Chinese characteristic.
07 Jun 2023 The 20th Decanter World Wine Championship - "Yalu Valley No. 1 White Ice Wine" won the DWWA Silver Prize
19 May 2023 Rated as an enterprise with outstanding contributions to the food industry in Jilin Province for 40 years. Tontine Wines' wines and ginseng wine also won the gold medal at the Northeast Asia Healthy Wine Industry Expo
20 Apr 2023 Visit of the Tontine Wines Headquarter by the Secretary of the Tonghua Municipal Committee, Mr. Sun Jian
12 Apr 2023 The 108th China Food and Drinks Fair (Chengdu)
31 Mar 2023 The 22nd China Green Food Expo (Hefei)
08 Nov 2022 China Tontine Wines Group Limited's Yarru Valley No.1 Red Ice Wine received a GOLD Medal at the 2022 Organic Wine Award International and a GOLD Medal at the PIWI Wine Award International.
25 Jul 2022 China Tontine Wines Group Limited participated in the The 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo.
Dec 2021 Vice Governor of Jilin Province, Mr. Ah Dong, visited the Tongtian’s underground wine cellars, wine showroom and the China Mountain Grape Museum
Dec 2021 The Sixth Tonghua Ice Wine Festival
Oct 2021 China Tontine Wines Group Limited Participated the 105th Autumn Sweet Wine Fair
Oct 2021 China Tontine Wines Group Limited signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with Ka Wah Financial Group Limited
Jul 2021 China Tontine Wines and 光明福瑞投資管理(上海)有限公司 jointly set up an "Industry Development Fund" to boost the development of wine industry in the Yalu River Valley.
May 2021 Participate the First China International Consumer Products Expo in Hainan Province
Apr 2017 2016 Annual General Meeting
May 2016 2015 Annual General Meeting
May 2015 2014 Annual General Meeting
Jul 2014 Organise the Yaluobai Grape-Bouquet White Wine Product Launch cum 2014 Sales & Marketing Summit
Jun 2014 Organise the 2014 Yantai Baiyanghe Sales & Marketing Summit
Jun 2014 Organise the Industry Summit
May 2014 2013 Annual General Meeting
Sep 2013 Organise the 2013 Annual Industry Meeting of National Grape & Fruit Wine
May 2013 2012 Annual General Meeting
Sep 2012 Enter into a Formal Agreement with Yantai Baiyanghe Winery Co., Inc.
Jul 2012 Organise a Symposium on the Yalu River Valley Grape Production Region
May 2012 2011 Annual General Meeting
Mar 2012 China Food & Beverage Fairs 2012 Spring, Cheng Du
Nov 2011 Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Yantai Baiyanghe Winery Co., Inc.
May 2011 2010 Annual General Meeting
Mar 2011 China Food & Beverage Fairs 2011 Spring, Cheng Du
Oct 2010 China Food & Beverage Fairs 2010 Fall, Jinan
Jun 2010 2009 Annual General Meeting
Apr 2010 Press Conference on 2009 Result Announcement
Mar 2010 China Food & Beverage Fairs 2010 Spring, Cheng Du
Nov 2009 Donation to the Community Chest of Hong Kong
Nov 2009 IPO on Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited